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Unless otherwise noted, assume that all hex editing information here is only accurate for unheadered Super Metroid ROMs. Got some good data of your own that ain't on here? Swing by the forums and submit them to this topic and it will appear here soon enough.

Project Palette
Projectile, enemy and other in-game sound effects
GF_Kennon's bank logs, condensed to a single page
How to add new enemies via cloning
JAM's mega room state editing guide
Unused colors in area tilesets (very very incomplete)
Changing State Headers (.txt)

1. Elevators (.txt)
2. Boss palettes (.rtf) Updated: 11/24/09
3. "BANG" enemy (.txt)
4. SaveStations (.txt)
5. Modifying the title screen (.txt)
6. Kick-ass lights (.rtf)
7. Room pointers (.rtf)
8. Repointing level data (.rtf)
9. Repointing GFX guide (.rtf)
10. GFX pointers (.rtf)
11. Ending scene palettes (.rtf)
12. Palette hunting guide (.rtf)
13. ASM Mnemonics (.rtf)
14. ASM instruction list (.rtf)
15. Missile/super missile speed tables (.txt)
16. Haze stuff (.txt)
17. Documenting SM data banks (.txt)
18. Item PLM palettes

1. Room expansion - part 1 (page)
2. Room expansion - part 2 (page)
3. How to add more doors to a room (page)
4. How to add more enemies/PLMs to a room (page)
5. Room scrolls - repointing, understanding, using (page)
6. Banks $E0-$FF offsets and LoROM addresses (.txt)
7. Hex notes - byte changes that affect various things in the game (.txt)
8. Trace notes - ongoing log of traced routines and their breakpoint behavior (.txt)
9. Custom haze colors/attribute offsets (.txt)
10. *Incomplete* unused colors for enemy and tileset pointers (.txt)
11. Power/Varia/Gravity suit palette reference (.txt)
12. Game Genie codes (.txt)
13. Enemy Animations (.rtf)
14. Samus' Animations (.rtf)
15. Sound Hex (external link)
16. Boss Hex (external link)
17. Door-Dependent FX1 (external link)
18. Grime's Docs (external link)
19. Grime's Full Site (external link)
Lots of stuff located here. His Artwork, Music, Blogs, among hacking resources.

1. CRE palettes and their uses (page)
2. Bank $8F clean-out log (.txt)
3. Unique CRE graphics without ASM (page)
4. Super Metroid room sizes (page)

1. The ins and outs of SMILE (.txt)
2. 2 gate tricks (page)
3. Info on adding more PLMs, enemies and doors to rooms (.txt)

1. Known sound addresses (.txt)
2. Unknown sounds (.txt)
3. Hex strings (.txt)

1. Reserve Missiles (.txt)

1. How to edit Super Metroid tilemaps (page)
2. Tile map reference (.txt)
3. Title screen array (.txt)

1. Beam Editing Guide (.txt)
2. HUD Hex Tweaks (.rtf)

1. HUD Disassembly (.txt)
2. Physics Disassembly (.txt)
3. Samus Animation Editing Guide (.txt)

1. Super Metroid pointers and what they do (.txt)
2. Metroid Fusion ASM tutorial (page)

1. Making New Rooms (.txt)
2. Item Names - Hex Locations (.txt)

Red Monkey
1. Samus' Animations (.rtf)
2. Kraid Animations Data (.txt)
3. Editing PLMs without ASM (.txt)

1. Footstep Effects (.txt)

1. Enemy projectile header locations (.txt)

1. Crystal Flash Disassembly (.txt)
2. Quicksand Disassembly [only while jumping] (.txt)

1. Basic GFX Guide (.txt)

Black Falcon
1. Modifying projectile sounds (.txt)
2. Slightly different lights from squishy's (.txt)
3. Projectile Trail Guide (.txt)
4. Black Falcon's Domain (external link)
A collection of documentations/asm/screens/vids all around Super Metroid made by Black Falcon.

1. Rundown for Enemy Tilemaps (.rtf)
2. Map icons (.rtf)
3. Scyzer's Tank (external link)
Scyzer's subdomain on MetConst. Not quite as big as the Kej docs, but has other goodies like hacks and patches as well as documentation. Also has an updated/more indepth RAM map than Kej's.

1. Message Box Guide v3 (.txt)
2. Status Screen Guide v1 (.txt)
3. Animation ASM (.txt)
4. DC's Workshop (.txt)
Note: The info for the DC's Workshop (.txt) was copied and pasted from his website. This should eventually turn into a external link when he gets the site back up and running.

1. SPC Log (.txt)
2. Disassembly Log (.txt)
3. PJBoy's Misc. Notes (.rtf)
4. PJ's stuff (external link)
5. PJ's Dropbox (external link)
Lots of data on Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission, with a bit of Super Metroid on the side. Worth looking into.

1. Layer 2 Editing (.rtf)
2. FullOfFail's Site (external link)
Most things found on this page can be found on the main site, but it will gain more content with time.

Super Metroid Documentation (external link)
The revered "Kej's notes" that everybody hears about at some point in their lives. Even homeless Lithuanians who have never touched a computer know what these are. If you're serious about hacking Super Metroid, these notes will prove to be a very valuable resource.

SMILE FAQ (external link)
Somewhat dated, but the information is detailed and still relevant for the most part. I (Grime) learned a lot from this page when I was new to editing Super Metroid.

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