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Where would we be without 'em?

SMILE v2.5
Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor, by Jathys. Last stable version.

SMILE (last build)
Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor, by Jathys. Unstable version.

Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor, modified by JAM

Double Helix
Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission editor, by interdpth

Wanna hack Metroid? You need Editroid! Can't lose that belly fat? You need Editroid! Are you drowning in credit card bills? You need Editroid! Do you want to please your lover in bed? You need Editroid! That's right! Editroid is the tool to fix any problem that can be fixed by editing Metroid!

MetEdit, the other Metroid editor

M2 Edit
M2 Edit, a Metroid 2 editor, unfinished

Tile Layer Pro
Extremely useful tool if you plan on doing any sort of graphic editing

Used for patching ROM's and creating patches

Lunar Address
For those of us who can't convert SNES addresses in our head yet, this little gem of an application takes away the headache of trying to learn how

xkas assembler
A must-have for those diving into the world of assembly

Another graphics editing tool

The 3rd Graphics editing tool, this one can edit Mode7 graphics though

HxD, a free hex editor

Geiger's Snes9x debugger
Very helpful program for advancing ROM hackers; allows tracing of specific data for hex editing, among many other features

IPS XP, another IPS patcher

VSNES, a save state viewer

Ever needed something for sprite rotation without antialiasing? RotSprite has you covered.

A very useful editor by smibes1994. It's basically like a extension of the "Game Behavior" menu in Smile. It's in Japanese and English.

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