by squishy_ichigo, DSO and Grime

Purpose of this document
How to edit these colors
Title screen / intro palettes
Ending scene palettes
Boss palettes
FX1 glow palettes
Miscellaneous palettes
Palettes that still need to be found

Purpose of this document

This is an ongoing collection of all "other" sets of colors (palettes) in the ROM. While many palettes such as tilesets, enemies, Samus' suits and more are included in SMILE and therefore don't require you to know where the colors are at in the ROM, many are not. Project Palette is an attempt to finally gather the exact location of *every* other palette into a single reference. In the future, if this is completed, we hope that these colors will also be added to SMILE itself so the need to know where they are is eliminated.

The purpose of this document is to make this document no longer have a purpose. Kinda.

How to edit these colors

These colors all need "I'm A Genius" to edit, which can be found in SMILE by clicking "Tools > Beauty Salon." In the Beauty Salon window, click the horizontal scroll bar that's underneath the Samus-facing-forward sprite so it moves to the right. Click the drop-down menu that says "Title Stuff" and select "I'm A Genius" at the very bottom of the list. Get used to doing that, because you'll be spending a lot of time in this window, depending how extensively you choose to modify the game's colors.

You'll notice that the two boxes that say 0661E9 FF can now be changed, which I'm sure you now know is what the lists below are for. You will also be doing this a lot. 661E9 is the location of the colors in the ROM (the 0 at the beginning isn't needed), and FF is the number of colors to display for editing. Sometimes it can be a bit tedious, since a single palette might have as many as 14, or even 28 different sets of values dedicated to it (in the case of certain glow FX1 colors).

DO NOT try to cut corners by changing the second value (FF) to anything higher than what the lists below call for, because not all of those squares are actually colors! Some of them are in fact small pieces of code that deceptively blend in and appear as colors.* If these "colors" are displayed as you click the Save To ROM button, the compression or whatever that's used for palettes will change these pieces of code slightly and cause errors. So if the second value is something like 07, don't think you can change it to something higher like 50 to show more colors at once. It will not work.

Be sure to make back-up copies of your ROM often while you're editing colors this way and test every new palette in-game after you tinker with it, because while you can be aware of the risks, mistakes can happen. The locations on this page are verified and accurate (unless noted in the description), but a simple typo like 04 instead of 03 can suddenly have your game crashing when the colors you've edited appear on-screen during testing. This can be fixed easily with a hex editor, though the method might be confusing to newcomers. If this happens to you, contact Grime for help on the forum or IRC.

* The codes I mentioned above are usually instructions that simply tell the game to jump to the next set of colors, and/or duration. This mostly applies to palette shifts/FX1 glows. I took the liberty of noting durations when applicable, which will be distinguished by this shade of green. The green values are NOT colors! Only the blue ones are. Green values will need to be changed with a hex editor; if you decide to do that, you can manipulate how fast (or slow) the colors glow, give them erratic patterns to emulate the effect of flickering lights, etc.

Keep in mind that the duration values are reversed. For example, "0A 00" would actually be 00 0A, meaning that particular set of colors will only be shown for 000A frames, which is only a split second. If you changed 0A 00 to 0A 01 instead, that would make it display for 010A frames, which is a couple of seconds.

Title screen / intro palettes

6C6BE-0B [6C6BC, 03 00]
6C6E0-0B [6C6DE, 03 00]
6C702-0B [6C700, 03 00]
6C724-0B [6C722, 03 00]
6C746-0B [6C744, 03 00]
6C768-0B [6C766, 03 00]
6C78A-0B [6C788, 03 00]
Fade-in for "SUPER METROID" logo after the 1994/Nintendo/Metroid 3 intro plays itself out. The very bottom address (6632B-0B) is for the SM logo if a button is pressed to skip the intro.

6C800-03 [6C7FE, 0A 00]
6C80C-03 [6C80A, 0A 00]
6C818-03 [6C816, 0A 00]
6C824-03 [6C822, 0A 00]
6C830-03 [6C82E, 0A 00]
6C93C-03 [6C83A, 0A 00]
6C848-03 [6C946, 0A 00]
6C854-03 [6C852, 0A 00]
Glowing orange baby metroid container on title screen.

6C894-01 [6C892, 03 00]
6C89C-01 [6C89A, 03 00]
6C8A4-01 [6C8A2, 03 00]
6C8AC-01 [6C8AA, 03 00]
6C8B4-01 [6C8B2, 03 00]
6C8BC-01 [6C8BA, 03 00]
6C8C4-01 [6C8C2, 03 00]
6C8CC-01 [6C8CA, 03 00]
6C8D4-01 [6C8D2, 03 00]
6C8DC-01 [6C8DA, 03 00]
6C8E4-01 [6C8E2, 03 00]
6C8EC-01 [6C8EA, 03 00]
6C8F4-01 [6C8F2, 03 00]
6C8FC-01 [6C8FA, 03 00]
Small red glowing areas on Ceres, seen when Samus is flying to and from it.

6C868-01 [6C866, 01 00]
6C870-01 [6C86E, 01 00]
Rapidly flickering computer screens on title screen. The color for the white text on computer screens is in SMILE's "title stuff" window; row 3, #10 from the left.

Baby metroid's colors on the title screen, including flashes when it makes noises.

More baby metroid colors; used in Ceres during Ridley fight, or game over screen?

Stars 'pixellating' into view (along with Planet Zebes) after Ceres explodes

Planet Zebes' palette.

Planet Zebes 'pixellating' into view after Ceres explodes

Palette for asteroids, stars and nebula before/after Ceres and while flying to Zebes

Ceres' explosions; not sure if this palette is shared with anything else. Probably not.

Ceres' palette (Samus flying into)

Ceres' palette (Samus flying away from, exploding)

Samus' ship's palette while flying around in space; same color order, so importing the palette from enemy D07F works fine.

Colors for "SPACE COLONY" text that types itself out when flying into Ceres; middle color is unused.

* Red text for "1994 NINTENDO PRESNETS METROID 3" is located in Beauty Salon's "Title Stuff" editor; line 10, color #10.

Text colors for all text on the file selection screen, option screens, and game over screen. Also includes the energy tanks displayed next to save data if Samus has any.

Same text and energy tank colors as above, except these are the darker, 'deselected' versions seen in the data clear/data copy menus, etc.

Samus icons next to Samus A, B and C, colors of the box surrounding "SAMUS DATA" and spinning missile icon that's next to whatever is selected.

Zebes and stars in backgrounds for all file selection/option menus.


Hexagon map colors.

Colors 10-15 of this line look like they may be used for stuff. The white/blue towards the end are for the large 'PLANET ZEBES' text on the hexagon map. To the left are energy tank colors; might be used for pause screen

Same as above, but are the 'darkened out' versions of the those colors.

Same as above again; duplicate light/dark energy tank/text colors. Not sure if/when used.

Energy tank and minimap colors on pause screen.

Map colors for pause screen; rest are probably unused?


Samus' palette (large Samus in background during green-text intro).

Green text that types itself out while Samus is in the background; the green 'block' in front of the text can be edited in SMILE; "intro 3", line 3, to the right.

"Intro 1" in SMILE. Colors for the metroid larva room and mother brain's room. Not the metroid larva, Samus or mother brain themselves.

"Intro 2" in SMILE. Address should actually be 66429-0F. All colors for the two large intro pictures.

Part of "Intro 3" in SMILE. Samus' colors during the metroid larva flashback, and also during the mother brain flashback before she is hit and causes it to refresh. lol.

Part of "Intro" colors, but aren't included in SMILE. Samus' suit palette during hurt flash, and after it refreshes once hit by the rinka during mother brain flashback.

Part of "Intro 3" in SMILE. Colors for mother brain's explosions and Samus' missiles.

Part of "Intro 3" in SMILE. Colors for baby metroid in the two large intro pictures, and the green 'block' that types out the green text with Samus' dialogue. No idea what the 4 blue colors are for, if anything.

Part of "Intro" colors, but aren't included in SMILE. Mother brain and hatching metroid larva's colors.


Glow colors for the underside of Ceres' elevator platform.

* If you want to edit the title screen's intro colors, YOU WILL NEED TO APPLY THIS CHANGE. What this does is eliminate the arbitrary placement of blue over parts of the scrolling intro that zooms in on the metroid larva's container. Your new colors will not show up through the blue unless you do this. Here's a video of it happening to my intro before I knew about this fix. The change to make is:

58674 = A9 38 85 74 A9 58
Change the values above to A9 20 85 74 A9 40 instead.

Ending scene palettes

6CAB0-07 [6CAAE, 08 00]
6CAC4-07 [6CAC2, 08 00]
6CAD8-07 [6CAD6, 08 00]
6CAEC-07 [6CAEA, 08 00]
6CB00-07 [6CAFE, 08 00]
6CB14-07 [6CB12, 08 00]
6CB28-07 [6CB26, 08 00]
Planet fading to black, right before explosion.

6D494-0E [6D492, 14 00]
6D4B6-0E [6D4B4, 14 00]
6D4D8-0E [6D4D6, 14 00]
6D4FA-0E [6D4F8, 14 00]
6D51C-0E [6D51A, 14 00]
6D53E-0E [6D53C, 14 00]
6D560-0E [6D55E, 14 00]
6D582-0E [6D580, 14 00]
Planet Surface

6D450-00 [6D44E, 09 00]
6D456-00 [6D454, 08 00]
6D45C-00 [6D45A, 07 00]
6D462-00 [6D460, 06 00]
6D468-00 [6D466, 05 00]
6D46E-00 [6D46C, 05 00]
6D474-00 [6D472, 06 00]
6D47A-00 [6D478, 07 00]
6D480-00 [6D47E, 08 00]
6D486-00 [6D484, 09 00]
Flashing Red on Planet Surface

6D3D0-07 [6D3CE, 10 00]
6D3E4-07 [6D3E2, 10 00]
6D3F8-07 [6D3F6, 10 00]
6D40C-07 [6D40A, 10 00]
6D420-07 [6D31E, 10 00]
6D434-07 [6D432, 10 00]
Exploded Planet - Purple Haze

Orange Planet Cracks - Right Before Explosion

Exploded Planet Purple Haze - During Explosion

Planet Zoomed In - Before Fade to Black

Planet Zoomed Out/Stars - Before Fade to Black (stars use this palette continiously)

Colored Clouds - Clouds Along the Edges of the Screen

6D5AA-0E [6D5A8, 0E 00]
6D5CC-0E [6D5CA, 0E 00]
6D5EE-0E [6D5EC, 0E 00]
6D610-0E [6D60E, 0E 00]
6D632-0E [6D630, 0E 00]
6D654-0E [6D652, 0E 00]
6D676-0E [6D674, 0E 00]
6D698-0E [6D696, 0E 00]
Grey Clouds Fade to Black - Clouds in the Center of the Screen

6D6C0-0F [6D6BE, 18 00]
6D6E4-0F [6D6E2, 18 00]
6D708-0F [6D706, 18 00]
6D72C-0F [6D72A, 18 00]
6D750-0F [6D74E, 18 00]
6D774-0F [6D772, 18 00]
6D798-0F [6D796, 18 00]
6D7BC-0F [6D7BA, 18 00]
6D7E0-0F [6D7DE, 18 00]
6D804-0F [6D802, 18 00]
6D828-0F [6D826, 18 00]
6D84C-0F [6D84A, 18 00]
6D870-0F [6D86E, 18 00]
6D894-0F [6D892, 18 00]
6D8B8-0F [6D8B6, 18 00]
6D8DC-0F [6D8DA, 18 00]
Samus' Ship

Three different text colors, only used after Zebes explodes. "The mission was completed successfully! Clear time: ##:##"

Boss palettes

Spore Spawn

Spore Spawn's colors during battle.

Spore Spawn's colors after battle.

Foreground after battle.

Background after battle.


Tileset 27, line 07
Kraid's colors at the start of the fight, before he takes any damage.

Kraid's sprite colors at the start of the fight (hand, leg, belly spikes, flying claws), before he takes any damage.

Kraid's colors after he takes damage for the first time, and for the rest of the fight.

Kraid's sprite colors after he takes damage for the first time, and for the rest of the fight.

Brown rocks that fly around when Kraid emerges from the spikes, and the ones he spits at Samus.

Background colors for Kraid's room.

* Couldn't find the glow for Kraid's eyes/mouth when Samus shoots him in the face (I didn't try very hard). But I did notice that it's an actual palette shift, meaning it transitions from the color that his eyes have been changed to into yellow, then back to what they were.


Flaming eye projectiles that Phantoon uses throughout the fight.

All of Phantoon's colors.

Wrecked Ship's color transition that happens after Phantoon dies.


* The colors for Botwoon's small green projectiles are the same colors used for his eyes.

Botwoon's starting colors.

Botwoon's damage colors for the rest of the fight.


* The mini Draygons that flutter around before the fight starts use the same palette as Draygon's body/belly start.

Tileset 29, line 05
Draygon's starting belly/body colors.

Draygon's sprite colors (legs, tail, eyes). The middle row with the pale blue-ish colors is used for the sticky projectiles that Draygon spits at Samus (12A237-0F is the specific address for those sticky projectiles; the last 7 colors on the projectile row are unused).

Draygon's changing belly colors as he takes damage; each "phase" only uses 4 colors.


Crocomire's colors. Row 7 of tileset 28 (Crocomire's room) also has a copy of his colors on it, but I forgot if those are used or not.

Crocomire's skeleton after battle. Changing these only affects his arm though, because it's drawn on layer 1. I know, it's lame.

Tiles used for the wall that Crocomire breaks down in skeleton form. The color arrangement isn't the same as it is in the tileset, so be patient if you're editing these.

Spikes covering the wall that Crocomire breaks down in skeleton form.

Color of Samus's projectiles for this tileset... yeah, I have no idea why Samus' projectiles need their own set of colors for just this one room, but whatever. These colors are a duplicate of the ones found at D01A0-0F, so make sure those two palettes match if you don't want Samus's missiles/explosions changing colors during the fight. See "Miscellaneous palettes" section for info on D01A0-0F.

Bomb Torizo

* Bomb Torizo's palettes are each two lines. The first line is the main palette and the second line is for his back leg/arm, so make sure the second line is slightly darker than the first line so the back leg/arm actually appear to be drawn behind him.

* The stuff that drips out of Bomb Torizo after his stomach is blown open uses palette D01A0-0F. See "Miscellaneous palettes" section for info on D01A0-0F.

Bomb Torizo's orb colors (the ones he spits at Samus, and only those). These are shared by the same orbs that Golden Torizo uses. The orbs' explosions, along with the crescents he flings at Samus and the small round eye beams all use palette D01A0-0F. See "Miscellaneous palettes" section for info on D01A0-0F.

Bomb Torizo's colors, before the fight starts.

Bomb Torizo's colors during the fight.

6E2F3-02 [6E2F1, 0A 00]
6E2FD-02 [6E2FB, 08 00]
6E307-02 [6E305, 08 00]
6E311-02 [6E30F, 0A 00]
6E31B-02 [6E319, 08 00]
6E325-02 [6E323, 08 00]
Bomb Torizo's glowing belly and glowing eye outline.

Golden Torizo

* Golden Torizo's palettes are each two lines. The first line is the main palette and the second line is for his back leg/arm, so make sure the second line is slightly darker than the first line so the back leg/arm actually appear to be drawn behind him.

Golden Torizo's orb colors (the ones he spits at Samus, and only those). These are shared by the same orbs that Bomb Torizo uses. The orbs' explosions, along with the crescents he flings at Samus and the small round eye beams all use palette D01A0-0F. See "Miscellaneous palettes" section for info on D01A0-0F.

Golden Torizo's colors, before the fight starts.

Golden Torizo's colors during the fight.

Golden Torizo's damaged colors throughout the rest of the fight.

6E33B-02 [6E339, 0A 00]
6E345-02 [6E2F1, 08 00]
6E34F-02 [6E34D, 08 00]
6E359-02 [6E357, 0A 00]
6E363-02 [6E361, 08 00]
6E36D-02 [6E36B, 08 00]
Golden Torizo's glowing belly and glowing eye outline.


* Ridley and Mother Brain's colors are set up slightly different than the other bosses. Instead of everything being in neat rows that are all the same length, their color rows are shorter and uneven. This makes them a pain in the ass to edit, but it can be done. Good luck.

* Norfair Ridley and Ceres Ridley share all of the same palettes.

Ridley's eyes fading in from black before the fight starts; each "phase" only uses 3 colors. His eyes during the fight are shared with his body palettes, which are also the same colors used for his wings.

Ridley's body fading in from black before the fight starts. The last set of colors are what he uses until he starts taking damage.

Ridley's damaged colors.

Background of Ridley's room fading in from black before the fight starts. The last set of colors are what the background uses for the rest of the fight.

** Need to doc the colors of Ridley flying away in Ceres

Giant Metroid

Teal sidehopper that the giant metroid attacks in front of Samus.

Teal sidehopper's palette fade as it dies and dries up. The last line is the color of its dried remains.

Giant metroid's colors during the sidehopper murder sequence.

Giant metroid's red insides glowing. The top two lines are its normal glow colors and the bottom two are its red insides glowing after Mother Brain has damaged it.

Giant metroid's red insides taking damage during the Mother Brain fight.

Giant metroid's colors during the Mother Brain fight.

Giant metroid's damaged colors during the Mother Brain fight.

Giant metroid fading to black as it falls off-screen after dying.

Mother Brain

* To better document Mother Brain's palettes, I will split her into 3 forms.
(1) In glass before falling to ground.
(2) T-Rex form before Metroid attack.
(3) T-Rex form after Metroid Attack.

* Also note that Mother Brain has a lot of palettes and is a NIGHTMARE to edit completely. I'd suggest not undergoing this unless you really have to. Seriously. Only do this if you're very committed to your hack. We're talking over 1700 individual colors if you add them all together.

* The colors for Mother Brain's drool, breath, and particles while charging the rainbow beam are used by D01A0-0F, so the only sensible way to change their colors is by modifying the GFX so they use another set of colors from that palette. Mother Brain's drool GFX are NOT shared by the stuff that drips out of Bomb Torizo when his belly is blown open. That's a duplicate set of GFX.

Tileset 15, line 04
(2) Mother Brain's body.

(1) Only the first 4 colors are used, which is for the brain.
(2) Row 2 is used for the back foot.

(2) (3) Projectiles that Mother Brain uses throughout the fight (blue rings, explosive orbs, orange fire strings that shoot from her hand). The small eye beam that looks like the ones space pirates shoot uses colors from palette D01A0-0F. See "Miscellaneous palettes" section for info on D01A0-0F.

Unused, but noting these anwyay. No need to edit.

(2) Glowing brain.


(2) Mother Brain's body flashing different colors while firing the rainbow beam. Have fun editing this.

(3) Mother Brain's damaged palettes after Samus gets hyper beam.

(3) Damaged palettes for Mother Brain's back leg after Samus gets hyper beam.


(3) Mother Brain's body fading to black after the hyper beam kills her. 447 colors just for this. Holy crap.

(1) Mother Brain's brain fading to gray after Samus breaks the glass container and "kills" her. This same palette is also used after she stands up in T-rex form and the brain's colors fade back.

(2) Mother Brain changing from blue to brown as the giant metroid drains her.

(3) Mother Brain's head turning brown and flaking away after Samus finally kills her with hyper beam.

(1) Row 1 is used for the room's tiles as Mother Brain "dies" before entering T-rex form, and row 2 is used for the shattering glass when Samus' missiles start to break open her container.

(1) Foreground and background flashing rapidly as Mother Brain "dies" before entering T-rex form.

(2) Foreground and background fading quickly to black right when the giant metroid is killed.

Boss statues (that enable entrance to Tourian)

Tileset 22, line 07
Gold Kraid statue and glowing green eye.

Tileset 22, line 06
Gold Draygon statue and glowing sky-blue eye.

Gold Ridley statue and glowing red eye.

Gold Phantoon statue and glowing yellow eye.

Greenish base of statues along the ground, and the gray ghosts that fly out. The 3 purple colors are probably unused.

All 4 statues' eyes exploding, before the ghosts fly out.

Blue-gray colors that statues themselves become after the eyes explode.

6E242-06 [6E23E, 08 00]
6E256-06 [6E252, 08 00]
6E26A-06 [6E266, 08 00]
6E27E-06 [6E27A, 08 00]
6E292-06 [6E28E, 08 00]
6E2A6-06 [6E2A2, 08 00]
6E2BA-06 [6E2B6, 08 00]
6E2CE-06 [6E2CA, 08 00]
Gold boss statues fading from gold to blue after the eyes explode (all of them? Haven't tested).

FX1 glow palettes

* You'll notice most of these say "affects colors ##-##" in the description. If you click on a color in SMILE's graphics editor, it'll say what number the color you've clicked on is on the upper left of the graphics editor window. These are noted so you can edit the graphics and 'assign' those particular colors to other tiles to give them the same glow if you want.

Wrecked Ship

6EAE8-01 [6EAE6, 0A 00]
6EAF0-01 [6EAEE, 0A 00]
6EAF8-01 [6EAF6, 0A 00]
6EB00-01 [6EAFE, 0A 00]
6EB08-01 [6EB06, 0A 00]
6EB10-01 [6EB0E, 0A 00]
6EB18-01 [6EB16, 0A 00]
6EB20-01 [6EB1E, 0A 00]
"Green Glow" FX1. Affects colors 76-77.


6EB5C-07 [6EB5A, 02 00]
6EB70-07 [6EB6E, 01 00]
6EB84-07 [6EB82, 01 00]
6EB98-07 [6EB96, 01 00]
6EBAC-07 [6EBAA, 01 00]
6EBC0-07 [6EBBE, 01 00]
6EBD4-07 [6EBD2, 02 00]
6EBEC-07 [6EBEA, F0 00]
"Stay-Grey" FX1 part 1: double lightning flash. Affects colors 84-91.

6EC03-07 [6EC01, 01 00]
6EC17-07 [6EC15, 01 00]
6EC2B-07 [6EC29, 01 00]
6EC3F-07 [6EC3D, 02 00]
6EB45-07 [6EB43, F0 00]
"Stay-Grey" FX1 part 2: single lightning flash. Affects colors 84-91.

6FD03-06 [6FD01, 08 00]
6FD15-06 [6FD13, 07 00]
6FD27-06 [6FD25, 06 00]
6FD39-06 [6FD37, 05 00]
6FD4B-06 [6FD49, 04 00]
6FD5D-06 [6FD5B, 03 00]
6FD6F-06 [6FD6D, 02 00]
6FD81-06 [6FD7F, 01 00]
6FD93-06 [6FD91, 02 00]
6FDA5-06 [6FDA3, 03 00]
6FDB7-06 [6FDB5, 04 00]
6FDC9-06 [6FDC7, 05 00]
6FDDB-06 [6FDD9, 06 00]
6FDED-06 [6FDEB, 07 00]
"Pulse Red" FX1. Affects colors 65-71.

6FE07-0A [6FE05, 31 00]
6FE21-0A [6FE1F, 01 00]
6FE3B-0A [6FE39, 01 00]
6FE55-0A [6FE53, 01 00]
6FE6F-0A [6FE6D, 01 00]
6FE89-0A [6FE87, 11 00]
6FEA3-0A [6FEA1, 01 00]
6FEBD-0A [6FEBB, 18 00]
6FED7-0A [6FED5, 01 00]
6FEF1-0A [6FEEF, 01 00]
6FF0B-0A [6FF09, 01 00]
"Flash Yellow" FX1. Affects colors 81-91.

6FA6F-07, 6FA81-00 [6FA6D, 03 00]
6FA87-07, 6FA99-00 [6FA85, 03 00]
6FA9F-07, 6FAB1-00 [6FA9D, 03 00]
6FAB7-07, 6FAC9-00 [6FAB5, 03 00]
6FACF-07, 6FAE1-00 [6FACD, 03 00]
6FAE7-07, 6FAF9-00 [6FAE5, 03 00]
6FAFF-07, 6FB11-00 [6FAFD, 03 00]
6FB17-07, 6FB29-00 [6FB15, 03 00]
6FB2F-07, 6FB41-00 [6FB2D, 03 00]
6FB47-07, 6FB59-00 [6FB45, 03 00]
6FB5F-07, 6FB71-00 [6FB5D, 03 00]
6FB77-07, 6FB89-00 [6FB75, 03 00]
6FB8F-07, 6FBA1-00 [6FB8D, 03 00]
6FBA7-07, 6FBB9-00 [6FBA5, 03 00]
"Glow Red/Blue" FX1. Affects colors 81-94. The reason there are two blue addresses for each set of colors is because there is some odd piece of code wedged between them that isn't the duration. I haven't bothered looking into what these codes do, but I'm pretty sure that the duration applies to both color sets anyway. I haven't actually tested this yet. Edit with caution.

6FBC7-02 [6FBC5, 10 00]
6FBD1-02 [6FBCF, 01 00]
6FBDB-02 [6FBD9, 01 00]
6FBE5-02 [6FBE3, 02 00]
6FBEF-02 [6FBED, 01 00]
6FBF9-02 [6FBF7, 02 00]
6FC03-02 [6FC01, 01 00]
6FC0D-02 [6FC0B, 01 00]
6FC17-02 [6FC15, 01 00]
6FC21-02 [6FC1F, 01 00]
6FC2B-02 [6FC29, 20 00]
6FC35-02 [6FC33, 02 00]
6FC3F-02 [6FC3D, 01 00]
6FC49-02 [6FC47, 01 00]
6FC53-02 [6FC51, 01 00]
"Flash Yellow1" FX1. Affects colors 105-107.

6FC65-02 [6FC63, 10 00]
6FC6F-02 [6FC6D, 01 00]
6FC79-02 [6FC77, 01 00]
6FC83-02 [6FC81, 02 00]
6FC8D-02 [6FC8B, 01 00]
6FC97-02 [6FC95, 02 00]
6FCA1-02 [6FC9F, 01 00]
6FCAB-02 [6FCA9, 01 00]
6FCB5-02 [6FCB3, 01 00]
6FCBF-02 [6FCBD, 01 00]
6FCC9-02 [6FCC7, 20 00]
6FCD3-02 [6FCD1, 02 00]
6FCDD-02 [6FCDB, 01 00]
6FCE7-02 [6FCE5, 01 00]
6FCF1-02 [6FCEF, 01 00]
"Flash Yellow2" FX1. Affects colors 85-87.

6FF2D-04 [6FF2B, 31 00]
6FF3B-04 [6FF39, 01 00]
6FF49-04 [6FF47, 01 00]
6FF57-04 [6FF55, 01 00]
6FF65-04 [6FF63, 01 00]
6FF73-04 [6FF71, 11 00]
6FF81-04 [6FF7F, 01 00]
6FF8F-04 [6FF8D, 18 00]
6FF9D-04 [6FF9B, 01 00]
6FFAB-04 [6FFA9, 01 00]
6FFB9-04 [6FFB7, 01 00]
First "?" FX1 (wasn't documented). Affects colors 87-91.

6EFFD-02, 6F005-00 [6EFFB, 0A 00]
6F00B-02, 6F013-00 [6F009, 0A 00]
6F019-02, 6F021-00 [6F017, 0A 00]
6F027-02, 6F02F-00 [6F025, 0A 00]
6F035-02, 6F03D-00 [6F033, 0A 00]
6F043-02, 6F04B-00 [6F041, 0A 00]
6F054-02, 6F05C-00 [6F052, 0A 00]
6F062-02, 6F06A-00 [6F060, 0A 00]
6F070-02, 6F078-00 [6F06E, 0A 00]
6F07E-02, 6F086-00 [6F07C, 0A 00]
Second "?" FX1. Affects colors 113-116, 125. Used for the glowing orange lanterns in the hallway that leads to the room with the four boss statues, and throughout the "red Brinstar" area and Kraid's lair. The reason there are two blue addresses for each set of colors is because there is some odd piece of code wedged between them that isn't the duration. I haven't bothered looking into what these codes do, but I'm pretty sure that the duration applies to both color sets anyway. I haven't actually tested this yet. Edit with caution.


6ED9F-02 [6ED9D, 0A 00]
6EDA9-02 [6EDA7, 0A 00]
6EDB3-02 [6EDB1, 0A 00]
6EDBD-02 [6EDBB, 0A 00]
6EDC7-02 [6EDC5, 0A 00]
6EDD1-02 [6EDCF, 0A 00]
6EDDB-02 [6EDD9, 0A 00]
6EDE5-02 [6EDE3, 0A 00]
6EDEF-02 [6EDED, 0A 00]
6EDF9-02 [6EDF7, 0A 00]
6EE03-02 [6EE01, 0A 00]
6EE0D-02 [6EE0B, 0A 00]
6EE17-02 [6EE15, 0A 00]
6EE21-02 [6EE1F, 0A 00]
"Glow Blue" FX1. Affects colors 113-115.

* 6EE37-6EEBE = Unused duplicates of Brinstar's "Glow Blue" colors?

6EEDD-07 [6EEDB, 0A 00]
6EEF1-07 [6EEEF, 0A 00]
6EF05-07 [6EF03, 0A 00]
6EF19-07 [6EF17, 0A 00]
6EF2D-07 [6EF2B, 0A 00]
6EF41-07 [6EF3F, 0A 00]
6EF55-07 [6EF53, 0A 00]
6EF69-07 [6EF67, 0A 00]
6EF7D-07 [6EF7B, 0A 00]
6EF91-07 [6EF8F, 0A 00]
6EFA5-07 [6EFA3, 0A 00]
6EFB9-07 [6EFB7, 0A 00]
6EFCD-07 [6EFCB, 0A 00]
6EFE1-07 [6EFDF, 0A 00]
"Glow Pink/Purple" FX1. Affects colors 101-102, 104-107.

* Brinstar's "Glow Red/Orange" FX1 is exactly the same as the SECOND "?" in Crateria, which means their colors are directly shared. Edit that one if you want to change the glowing lanterns used in red Brinstar and Kraid's lair.


6F097-02, 6F09F-01 [6F095, 10 00]
6F0AA-02, 6F0B2-01 [6F0A8, 04 00]
6F0BD-02, 6F0C5-01 [6F0BB, 04 00]
6F0D0-02, 6F0D8-01 [6F0CE, 05 00]
6F0E3-02, 6F0EB-01 [6F0E1, 06 00]
6F0F6-02, 6F0FE-01 [6F0F4, 07 00]
6F109-02, 6F111-01 [6F107, 08 00]
6F11C-02, 6F124-01 [6F11A, 08 00]
6F12F-02, 6F137-01 [6F12D, 08 00]
6F142-02, 6F14A-01 [6F140, 08 00]
6F155-02, 6F15D-01 [6F153, 07 00]
6F168-02, 6F170-01 [6F166, 06 00]
6F17B-02, 6F183-01 [6F179, 05 00]
6F18E-02, 6F196-01 [6F18C, 03 00]
6F1A1-02, 6F1A9-01 [6F19F, 04 00]
6F1B4-02, 6F1BC-01 [6F1B2, 10 00]
"Glow1" FX1. Affects colors 53-55, 60-61. White pipes & white blocks glowing. The duration of these glow frames also affect how fast Samus' suits glow when the "heat bit" FX1 is set.

6F1D7-02, 6F1DF-01 [6F1D5, 10 00]
6F1E7-02, 6F1EF-01 [6F1E5, 04 00]
6F1F7-02, 6F1FF-01 [6F1F5, 04 00]
6F207-02, 6F20F-01 [6F205, 05 00]
6F217-02, 6F21F-01 [6F215, 06 00]
6F227-02, 6F22F-01 [6F225, 07 00]
6F237-02, 6F23F-01 [6F235, 08 00]
6F247-02, 6F24F-01 [6F245, 08 00]
6F257-02, 6F25F-01 [6F255, 08 00]
6F267-02, 6F26F-01 [6F265, 08 00]
6F277-02, 6F27F-01 [6F275, 07 00]
6F287-02, 6F28F-01 [6F285, 06 00]
6F297-02, 6F29F-01 [6F295, 05 00]
6F2A7-02, 6F2AF-01 [6F2A5, 04 00]
6F2B7-02, 6F2BF-01 [6F2B5, 04 00]
6F2C7-02, 6F2CF-01 [6F2C5, 10 00]
"Glow2" FX1. Affects colors 65-67, 76-77. Glowing green bubbles & single glowing color in the 'red lava cave' rooms.

6F2DF-02, 6F2E7-01 [6F2DD, 10 00]
6F2EF-02, 6F2F7-01 [6F2ED, 04 00]
6F2FF-02, 6F307-01 [6F2FD, 04 00]
6F30F-02, 6F317-01 [6F30F, 05 00]
6F31F-02, 6F327-01 [6F31D, 06 00]
6F32F-02, 6F337-01 [6F32D, 07 00]
6F33F-02, 6F347-01 [6F33D, 08 00]
6F34F-02, 6F357-01 [6F34D, 08 00]
6F35F-02, 6F367-01 [6F35D, 08 00]
6F36F-02, 6F377-01 [6F36D, 08 00]
6F37F-02, 6F387-01 [6F37D, 07 00]
6F38F-02, 6F397-01 [6F38D, 06 00]
6F39F-02, 6F3A7-01 [6F39D, 05 00]
6F3AF-02, 6F3B7-01 [6F3AD, 04 00]
6F3BF-02, 6F3C7-01 [6F3BD, 04 00]
6F3CF-02, 6F3D7-01 [6F3CD, 10 00]
"Glow3" FX1. Affects colors 81-83, 92-93.

6F3E7-02, 6F3EF-01 [6F3E5, 10 00]
6F3F7-02, 6F3FF-01 [6F3F5, 04 00]
6F407-02, 6F40F-01 [6F405, 04 00]
6F417-02, 6F41F-01 [6F415, 05 00]
6F427-02, 6F42F-01 [6F425, 06 00]
6F437-02, 6F43F-01 [6F435, 07 00]
6F447-02, 6F44F-01 [6F445, 08 00]
6F457-02, 6F45F-01 [6F455, 08 00]
6F467-02, 6F46F-01 [6F465, 08 00]
6F477-02, 6F47F-01 [6F475, 08 00]
6F487-02, 6F48F-01 [6F485, 07 00]
6F497-02, 6F49F-01 [6F495, 06 00]
6F4A7-02, 6F4AF-01 [6F4A5, 05 00]
6F4B7-02, 6F4BF-01 [6F4B5, 04 00]
6F4C7-02, 6F4CF-01 [6F4C5, 04 00]
6F4D7-02, 6F4DF-01 [6F4D5, 10 00]
"Glow4" FX1. Affects colors 97-99, 108-109.


6F4EF-07 [6F4ED, 0A 00]
6F503-07 [6F501, 0A 00]
6F517-07 [6F515, 0A 00]
6F52B-07 [6F529, 0A 00]
"Quicksand Illusion 1" FX1 part 1. Affects colors 36-43. Used for quicksand (the opague kind that covers floors and pulls Samus downward).

6F547-03 [6F545, 0A 00]
6F553-03 [6F551, 0A 00]
6F55F-03 [6F55D, 0A 00]
6F56B-03 [6F569, 0A 00]
"Quicksand Illusion 1" FX1 part 2. Affects colors 40-43. Used in 'falling quicksand' rooms (the ones with many floating green enemies that Samus passes through).

* The 'quicksand waterfalls' seen in some rooms, such as the ones with the mini Draygons on the path to spring ball use colors 68-81 of the tileset palette, and don't require I'm A Genius to edit.

6F57F-07 [6F57D, 02 00]
6F593-07 [6F591, 02 00]
6F5A7-07 [6F5A5, 02 00]
6F5BB-07 [6F5B9, 02 00]
6F5CF-07 [6F5CD, 02 00]
6F5E3-07 [6F5E1, 02 00]
6F5F7-07 [6F5F5, 02 00]
6F60B-07 [6F609, 02 00]
"Waterfall Illusion 2" FX1. Affects colors 52-59.


6F63C-00, 6F640-06 [6F63A, 0A 00]
6F652-08, 6F656-06 [6F650, 0A 00]
6F668-08, 6F66C-06 [6F666, 0A 00]
6F67E-08, 6F682-06 [6F67C, 0A 00]
6F694-08, 6F698-06 [6F692, 0A 00]
6F6AA-08, 6F6AE-06 [6F6A8, 0A 00]
6F6C0-08, 6F6C4-06 [6F6BE, 0A 00]
6F6D6-08, 6F6DA-06 [6F6D4, 0A 00]
6F6EC-08, 6F6F0-06 [6F6EA, 0A 00]
6F702-08, 6F706-06 [6F700, 0A 00]
6F718-08, 6F71C-06 [6F716, 0A 00]
"Slow pulse red/blue light" FX1. Affects colors 116-117, 120-125.

* The "Fast pulse red/blue light" FX1 uses the same exact colors as slow pulse, meaning their palettes are directly shared. Fast pulse only activates under certain conditions. FX2 or something else related to the escape sequence after Mother Brain is dead. I haven't looked for the duration values for fast pulse.

6F7AF-05 [6F7AD, 02 00]
6F7BF-05 [6F7BD, 02 00]
6F7CF-05 [6F7CD, 02 00]
6F7DF-05 [6F7DD, 02 00]
6F7EF-05 [6F7ED, 02 00]
6F7FF-05 [6F7FD, 02 00]
6F80F-05 [6F80D, 02 00]
6F81F-05 [6F81D, 02 00]
6F82F-05 [6F82D, 02 00]
6F83F-05 [6F83D, 02 00]
6F84F-05 [6F84D, 02 00]
6F85F-05 [6F85D, 02 00]
6F86F-05 [6F86D, 02 00]
6F87F-05 [6F87D, 02 00]
"Glow Shutter-Red" FX1. Affects colors 153-158 (last 6 colors of enemy palette 0001). Used for the pulsing red shutter enemies in the room immediately behind Mother Brain that Samus must blast away with hyper beam.

6F897-03 [6F895, 04 00]
6F8A3-03 [6F8A1, 04 00]
6F8AF-03 [6F8AD, 04 00]
6F8BB-03 [6F8B9, 04 00]
6F8C7-03 [6F8C5, 04 00]
6F8D3-03 [6F8D1, 04 00]
6F8DF-03 [6F8DD, 04 00]
6F8EB-03 [6F8E9, 04 00]
6F8F7-03 [6F8F5, 04 00]
6F903-03 [6F901, 04 00]
6F90F-03 [6F90D, 04 00]
6F91B-03 [6F919, 04 00]
6F927-03 [6F925, 04 00]
6F933-03 [6F931, 04 00]
"BG glow-red" FX1. Affects colors 56-59. Used for the pulsing red background in Tourian during the escape sequence.

6F94F-05, 6F95D-00 [6F94D, 02 00]
6F963-05, 6F971-00 [6F961, 02 00]
6F977-05, 6F985-00 [6F975, 02 00]
6F98B-05, 6F999-00 [6F989, 02 00]
6F99F-05, 6F9AD-00 [6F99D, 02 00]
6F9B3-05, 6F9C1-00 [6F9B1, 02 00]
6F9C7-05, 6F9D5-00 [6F9C5, 02 00]
6F9DB-05, 6F9E9-00 [6F9D9, 02 00]
6F9EF-05, 6F9FD-00 [6F9ED, 02 00]
6FA03-05, 6FA11-00 [6FA01, 02 00]
6FA17-05, 6FA25-00 [6FA15, 02 00]
6FA2B-05, 6FA39-00 [6FA29, 02 00]
6FA3F-05, 6FA4D-00 [6FA3D, 02 00]
6FA53-05, 6FA61-00 [6FA51, 02 00]
"FG pulse-red" FX1. Affects colors 84-91. Used for the pulsing red foreground in Tourian during the escape sequence.

* "Lights pulse-red" FX1 uses the same exact colors as FG pulse-red but affects colors 116-123 instead. Haven't looked into finding the duration values.

Miscellaneous palettes

This palette is used by MANY different things throughout the game. If you're going to edit this palette, you'll need to make sure you don't accidentally ruin something else's colors by mistake. Edit with caution. Changing this palette can be tricky, but it's very rewarding if you have the patience to make it work. If you have any experience in editing the game's graphics with a tile editor such as TileLayPro or YY-CHR, you can export D01A0, load the palette into the tile editor, then 're-assign' colors for more flexibility. For example, changing the bomb explosions' graphics to use the purple colors from energy pick-ups instead of green, or making super missiles purple and regular missiles green, etc.

Below is a list of everything that's known to use this palette, but it's possible that I missed some things along the way:

- small energy pick-ups (from enemies)
- large energy pick-ups (from enemies)
- missile pick-ups (from enemies)
- missiles (fired by Samus)
- smoke trails behind missiles
- missile explosions
- super missile pick-ups (from enemies)
- super missiles (fired by Samus)
- smoke trails behind super missiles
- super missile explosions
- power bomb pick-ups (from enemies)
- power bombs (dropped by Samus)
- bombs (dropped by Samus)
- bomb explosions
- enemy death explosions
- enemies killed by screw attack (the 4 small round graphics that fly outward)
- water splashing
- air bubbles when underwater
- dust puffs, as seen when walljumping, speed boosting, landing on the ground in dry rooms, etc.
- dust plumes when Samus' ship is taking off from Zebes after the escape (I think)
- elevators (the actual flickering elevator that you ride, not the platforms they sit on sometimes)
- gate PLMs (the shutters with blue/green switches on them)
- wave beam's circular purple trails
- particles when charging any beam (facing right only; someone should really fix this bug...)
- 'jagged lines' that fly around in front of Samus when saving the game on a save station
- space pirate projectiles
- rings that those noisy robots in Wrecked Ship occasionally shoot from their 'eye'
- 'dud shot' graphics when missiles or beams hit armored enemies that aren't be hurt by them
- some of Golden Torizo/Bomb Torizo's projectiles
- the stuff that drips out of Bomb Torizo's belly after he takes a lot of damage
- the round projectiles that Crocomire spits at Samus occasionally
- one of Mother Brain's projectiles (the eye beam that uses the same graphics as space pirate projectiles)
- Mother Brain's drool/breath/rainbow beam charge particles, and a brief particle flash before throwing that 'fire string' attack from her hand

Samus' death animation palette.

Crystal flash colors by the look of it. I haven't actually changed these yet, so I can't say for certain.


Pretty sure these are unused suit colors, so I'm noting them here in case they turn out to actually have a use, or someone figures out a way to use them for something else.

6DB8F-0F [6DB8B, 03 00]
6DC2D-0F [6DC2B, 03 00]
6DC7C-0F [6DC7A, 03 00]
6DBDE-0F [6DBDC, 03 00]
Flashing "loader" palettes for the power suit. Colors appear in the order shown above from top to bottom when loading from a save station or Samus' ship.

6DCF5-0F [6DCF3, 03 00]
6DD44-0F [6DD42, 03 00]
6DD93-0F [6DD91, 03 00]
6DDE2-0F [6DDE0, 03 00]
Flashing "loader" palettes for the varia suit. Colors appear in the order shown above from top to bottom when loading from a save station or Samus' ship.

6DE5B-0F [6DE59, 03 00]
6DEAA-0F [6DEA8, 03 00]
6DEF9-0F [6DEF7, 03 00]
6DF48-0F [6DF46, 03 00]
Flashing "loader" palettes for the gravity suit. Colors appear in the order shown above from top to bottom when loading from a save station or Samus' ship.

Location of the single color used for grapple beam (the actual grappling part that shoots out). The 'base' of grapple beam is shared with ice beam's palette.

6D906-07 [6D904, 02 00]
6D91A-07 [6D918, 02 00]
6D92E-07 [6D92C, 02 00]
6D942-07 [6D940, 02 00]
6D956-07 [6D954, 02 00]
6D96A-07 [6D968, 02 00]
6D97E-07 [6D97C, 02 00]
6D992-07 [6D990, 02 00]
6D9A6-07 [6D9A4, 02 00]
6D9BA-07 [6D9B8, 02 00]
Hyper beam's colors.

Samus' rainbow suit palette when firing hyper beam, and rainbow flashing after the giant metroid's death.

Colors used by Dachora (enemy ID: E5FF) when it performs does the shinespark for Samus.

Colors used by Koma (enemy ID: EA7F) for its eye/mouth glowing.

Colors used by Lavaman (enemy ID: E83F) for the animated 'running lava' appearence of its body.

Samus' visor flashing yellow in dark rooms.

Samus' green visor when first entering a room. Many don't know that this has its own color, separate from the three suit palettes. Change this color to something like hot pink and go through a door if you wanna see it in action.

Palettes that still need to be found

- Ridley's colors when flying away from Ceres (lazy).

- Dachora's colors when showing Samus how to do the shinespark (lazy).

- Text colors for the game's end credits (lazy).

- "After-credits" colors; Samus in gravity suit/bikini, giant "S" logo (lazy).

- White "1994 Nintendo" text on the title screen (can't find).

- Gray/white "SPACE COLONY" text that is seen when Samus flies into Ceres (can't find).

- Yellow color that Kraid's eyes shift to when he is shot in the face (can't find).

- Zebetite's colors (I had these at one point, but I seem to have lost them; lazy)
- Glowing 'EMERGENCY!' text when Ceres' timer starts; probably Zebes' too?
- Large "PLANET ZEBES" text on hexagon map screen, and area names (lazy)
- Colors used for Mother Brain's rainbow beam (can't find)

Information compiled by squishy_ichigo, DSO and Grime; converted to HTML by Grime.

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