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by Black Telomeres
Release date: February 27, 2007

Author's description:
3. The state of being determined, influenced, or controlled by something else.
4. A compulsive or chronic need; an addiction

By Black Telomeres

Thank you for choosing Super Metroid: Dependence for your SNES9X or ZSNES emulation system!

Super Metroid: Dependence is a full level design/layout hack, focusing more specifically on individual room design. It's a bit more non-linear than some previous hacks, and maybe even more so than the original Super Metroid. Whether that's good or bad is up to you.

Since there are very few save points in the game, I'd advise save state use. And unlike some of the other Super Metroid hacks, there are map machines around. However, if you use them, beware the icons on the map, they're incorrect. If I had enough hex expertise to change them, I would have. The map itself is correct though, although like in the original Super Metroid, it conceals more than it tells.

The following are some random things I think you should know about the game before beginning, although if you're strictly hardcore and you want to figure out absolutely everything at the cost of maybe a bit more trouble, then you can skip the rest.

There are a couple of different branches you can go off on depending on which order you want to face different bosses in, and thus you can also make the game easier or much harder by following diverging paths. If you find the path you're going down seems a bit too hard for the level of equipment you have at the time, try experimenting and looking for different ways in other sections of the planet.

If you go to the Wrecked Ship with only 2 energy tanks or less, and it's very possible that you may do so, then heaven help you, for you will not be prepared for what will await you there. Unless you're very good at fighting Phantoon.

Also, the spring ball is now a required item. If you can beat the game without it, congratulations, you're probably superhuman. But I'm pretty sure it's required.

There are also a few sequence breaking opportunities in the game. To give you an idea: With some decent ingenuity, 2 bosses can be skipped without abusing the game...too much. I'll let you figure out exactly which ones, if you care to. I wanted to make more skippable, but that wouldn't have exactly made for a long game, now would it?

For anyone who might want to go for 100% item completion, 98% is the new 100%.

Anyway, that concludes this readme file.

v2.0 updates
Fixed some shotblocks so they're un-regenerating early on before the bombs come around.
Fixed one of the connecting rooms during the escape that didn't have explosions going off in it.
Fixed up the graphics in Lower Norfair a bit since it was a bit too graphically rough around the edges in places.
Fixed a few scrolling issues.
Fixed a few enemy-related bugs.
Removed the incorrect map icons.
Fixed a couple places where the map was incorrect.
Fixed up elevator-related segments of the map so they look better.

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