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Zebes Returns
by Crocomire
Release date: ???

Author's description:
Super Metroid Zebes Returns
Version 3 (Final)
Hack of Super Metroid
Made By Adam Rowan-Kelly (Crocomire on

Things Changed:
-Changed position of items to allow a different way through the game (e.g. get power bombs first instead of missiles to allow you to go left near the morph ball location)
-Some map changes to allow access to areas without certain items (e.g. blocks in red corridor of brinstar, so you can get back up without ice beam)
-Suit Colours
-Strength of bosses (to incorporate the order of bosses)

Known Bugs:
-Suit will change if in a heat room in norfair and when charging up from a save point.
-Power bombs left of morphing ball and missile up in first space pirate room back in crateria are unobtainable until later in the game as event has not been triggered as the event triggers when you pick up missiles and not power bombs which is the first item in this game.

If you wish to have this game on your site or can tell me bugs in the game that I have missed contact me at If you wish to have this game on your site you must give me full credit for the game and also give me your siteds address to see whether you have done this.

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