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Legend of the Beast - Prologue
by statik
Release date: September 23, 2010

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Author's description:
deep within samus' former homeworld, Zebes, a great danger is brooding, a beast so powerful, that if it ever awoke, it could destroy the galactic federation, destroy everything.

5 years ago, upon mining zebes for -missing data- the galactic federation stumbled upon this great beast.

fleeing the planet as fast as possable the galactic federation failed to shut down the LO.N.R. system. LO.N.R. is a massive low-orbit nuclear reactor and has been pumping power into the station for the past 5 years, with nowhere for the power to go, it slowly built up in the station. the LO.N.R station is soon reaching the end of its life, and will eventualy 'fall' onto the planets surface, setting off a massive nuclear explosion. waking the beast.

your mission, is to make your way to the LO.N.R station and manualy shut off the power. this is highly dangerous, normaly the station must be supercooled and then shut down, however we cannot afford to gamble that the stations cooling is still operational. you only have a 1/100 chance of survival. good luck.

-missing data-

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