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Final Stand
by Moderndayzero
Release date: August 6, 2010
Forum thread

Author's description:
100% complete - Super Metroid Final Stand

feel free to rip what you want from this hack or even improve it.

Patch is for an un-headerd rom, and use zsnes when playing because snes9x will cause messed up gfx. also there are still some issues with in the hack. if someone wants to fix these and update this post that would be awesome. i am done for quite some time school is getting harder and i lack time. so i also wish you all the best of luck.

A conspiracy with in the federation pits you against the energy devouring Life forms known as Metroids once again. you find yourself traversing through the murkiest of places with deaths sweet embrace behind every door. you can hear their screes whipping through the cave of this unfamiliar place. you know in the back of your head that your next move might be your last... yet you proceed.

T h e y a r e c o m i n g f o r y o u . . . . .

R u n !!!

Special Thanks to Squishy, GF_Kennon, Sadiztykfish and Dchronos !!!

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