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-> Download 'Cider [demo]' (unheadered) <-

-> Download 'Cider [demo 2](unheadered) <-

by Cardweaver
Demo release date: August 5th, 2010
Demo 2 release date: March 31st, 2013
Forum thread (Demo 1)
Forum thread (Demo 2)

Author's description:
After a lot of thought, I've decided to release what I have done of Cider so far. This is around 1/4 of the finished product.

My main reason for releasing this demo is mostly that I'm too busy to get anything done, and it's sat around untouched for almost a year now. There shouldn't be any major glitches or anything, I have extensively tested it so everything should work about as intended.

-unheadered (same rom as I always use if you've played any of my other stuff)
-above average difficulty, mostly due to things you've probably never had to do before.
-I've closed off all areas leading out of the demo, so you shouldn't get stuck.
-I encourage you to look in SMILE and see how I did some of it, but I hope you'll wait until you've done as much as you can.
-Once you enter Maridia, there's no going back so try to find as much as you can before going there.

Hope you enjoy it

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