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Vanilla ++
by squishy_ichigo
Release date: August 18, 2009
Forum thread

Author's description:
Ok, this is a patch to release alot of the stuff I've been working on lately. This patch includes:

-New HUD
-New map tiles
-new beam gfx/palettes
-no walljumping
-new physics (includes falling faster, keeping speed after jumping and landing)
-suit colors
-some other stuff I'm probably forgetting

UPDATE: 12/15/09
Also added to this release:
-new palettes for every tileset
-newer physics (Bloodsonic thinks the old one were shit... so... I UPGRADED! :D)

This is how my mini will play like physic wise...

This is being released because I want you guys to play through Vanilla Super Metroid with my changes, and see how you like it all. I've played a little bit myself, and its defiantly a change of pace. :P

Well, enjoy, and you can use anything from this you want, with credit to me. ^_^

edit: I better thank a few people actually! ^_^;

Shout outs goto Grime, DSO and DChronos for a few things including no walljump, keep speed after landing, and the map tile thingy.

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