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-> Download 'Volta [demo]' (unheadered) <-
-> Download 'Volta [demo]' (headered) <-

by FirePhoenix0
Release date: unknown
Last updated: April 24, 2009
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Forum thread (m2k2)

Author's description:
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays all! Enjoy Demo 2!

Demo officially ends after getting Varia Suit, however there's lots more bonus stuff to search for. Varia is just the beginning. ;) Please note that after Varia, no major upgrades except for one of them are in their true locations.

Item Totals:
58 Missiles
11 Supers
9 Power Bombs
Morph Ball
Speed Booster
Boost Ball
Power Bombs
High Jump
Charge Beam

Known issues:
Ice Beam's pickup palette has not been fixed yet so it looks a bit odd. Requires hex fixing I haven't done yet.
Hopefully all areas that you shouldn't enter are blocked off. Sorry if I missed a spot.
Always keep your Power Bombs close to full to avoid accidentally getting trapped in certain areas of Gaia Heights.

Small hint:
There is a point to entering the elevator room in Therma. ;)

I have no trailer, no release date, nothing, and I'm working at my own pace, which is probably a little slow compared to most. I won't make any predictions because even I don't know when this may come out. It's done when it's done and that's that. Feel free to comment, discuss, make suggestions, whatever. I'll read all the comments. In fact, I love getting feedback on my projects so feel free to make as many as you want, barring getting too off-topic. Thank you and I hope you'll all be looking forward to this. :D

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