Metroid Construction
The one thing that Samus fears most


-> Download 'NoobSmasher' (headered) <-

by Fizzer
Release date: October 18, 2007

Author's description:
Hi there, recently I've been working on this super metroid hack, n00bsmasher. I've made it as hard as possible without ruining it (well, most of the people who have played have said its enjoyable as well as soul crushingly difficult).

It's rather short, but should take a long time to finish compared to its size, a few of the techniques it requires are mid-air-morph, wall jump, one sided wall jump, mockball, quick thinking and knowing the original game well, well times jumps and amazing skill.

One thing i really like about this hack, but also what may make it too hard, is my deathtroids (ASM enhanced metroids; you will know when you see them), which await in tourian.

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