Metroid Construction


-> Download 'Ceribris' (unheadered) <-

by bydolord
Release date: July 24, 2009

Author's description:
A Super Metroid hack I made for a contest on My Gamers Forum. Most of the game has been edited, and as of right now all the tanks have been hidden. :D

Big additions, now that I have Darklord helping me. :D Just to let everyone know all the energy tanks (14 tanks) will be in this hack as well a max of 220 missiles (44 tanks), 50 powerbombs (10 tanks), and you get 40 Super Missiles (20 tanks). This has all been confirmed.

intro text: 100%
gateway: 40%
crateria/Kain lake: 100%
brinstar/Renis caves: 100%
norfair/Mave caverns: 99%
maridia/Lesis ocean: 100%
torian/Kerion base: 90%
ceribris core : 95%

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