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Lunar Pull
by Cardweaver
Release date: May 05, 2009

Author's description:
Hey folks. This is just a minihack that I've had done for a long time in several different pieces as possible ideas for hacking. Basically, there were a couple of different one room puzzles that might have ended up in Cider. Then I decided that none of these ideas would fit too well there. I was going to just delete and forget about them completely. But, I needed a break from Cider, so I decided that with a little bit of work, I could combine the puzzles into a mini hack and give it to you guys to mess around with. Keep in mind I didn't put much/any thought into aesthetics; this is focused more on the puzzles.

With that said, you can expect the same classic Cardweaver style goodness that you saw in my halfhacks (mostly Soup, but to some extent Gravy).

-Single Wall Walljumping
-A knowledge of SM's underwater physics including:
-Tides and how they affect jumps and speedboosting
-Underwater Walljumping in 1 or 2 tile wide columns
-Semi Short charg

-Savestates (only to save time, it's not exactly a dangerous hack)

There is no boss or escape sequence; instead, the game is over when you have the following 3 items: Gravity Suit, Springball, Screw Attack

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