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by DSO
Release date: May 05, 2009

Author's description:
AngryFireChozo is a hack I started April 2nd as an outlet for level design, and with the accidental creation of a glitch in the physics system. I originally intended it to be a few room hack, but I just never quit building it. After about a week, I decided to make it to be quite a nice size for a 'minihack', and started on a building spree.

As it was built in such a rushed manner, I didn't have much time to test it completely, so there may be game-breaking sequence breaks or other flaws that I haven't discovered. I believe I went over every roomstate for problems that way, but it's hardly recieved a proper beta-testing. I'll do my best to fix any major issues as they come up.

Being rough and unpolished, it's difficult, especially in the exploration department. A large part of the world is hidden, and the enemies themselves are tough (with the big boss being insane). You also will have to figure out several things involving the physics, and until you learn how to work them, things will seem slow.

Unless I miscounted, 100% is the max attainable. It can be completed with far less, but aforementioned big boss will probably trash you if you try to run through with as little item collection as possible.

No saves except the ship, so I'm afraid you'll have to use savestates.

Have fun!

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