Metroid Construction
Modification of critical issues (mating, etc.)


-> Download 'Sil' (unheadered) <-

by Obsy
Release date: October 25, 2009

Author's description:
I am still working on Project Iris. I am just having fun with this at the moment. The title screen is from Project Iris... It ends when you get to the purple box. (You will know it when you see it!) Screens are oldish but they work. Please give me plenty of critisisum! And point out bugs.

- Room layout and location
- Item order
- Boss order
- enemy damage and HP
- Name of places
- graphics (Made by ME! As much as I can! Including enemies!)
- map tiles! There is only one type of diagonal, morph tunnles (Think Volta) and every tile has a different coloured version!

- Colour
- Speed
- Strength

Skills Needed
- Midair morph
- Wall jumping (Lots of it! :P)

Max Items At The Moment
Missiles - 22
Energy Tanks - 4
Reserve Tanks - 1
Graple beam
Green Beam

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