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Super Metroid No Doors
by CrAzY
Release date: October 17th, 2014
Forum thread

Author's description:

Classy title, I know.

What is this? Why it is Super Metroid with almost every single door removed! What makes this fun? Constant Speed Booster movement! Ability for new sequence breaks and runs (Missile only run, No bomb run, etc.) plus many other fun things to do on the planet we all know and love!

Two versions are included. One with many tweaks to make Samus have even more fun, and another with just the doors removed. Read the readme for more information...

Runs I have done so far. . .

- Missile & Bomb only
- Super Missile & Bomb only
- Missile & PB only (no Bomb)

More will be possible in the future!


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