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Super Metroid Dark [Demo]
by Gohan aka DarkSamus
Release date: Jule 23th, 2010
Forum thread

Author's description:
Well, It's the dawn of A new day as [SM]: Dark is Released as A demo/beta. That day has come. Get your copy of Super Metroid: Dark here. Game is unheadered.

Items: 20 Missiles, 3 E-tanks, 2 R-tanks, Ice beam, Morph ball, Bomb, Charge beam and Gravity suit.

Item changes: E-tanks only support 50 energy so you start with 100 and not 99. Item boxes say original names and menu says name wanted.

Bosses: Spore Dragon, Torizo and Kraid.

Skills needed: One wall-jump, Mid air morph, bomb jumping, Save state use.

And that's all so far. Lots more to accomplish. Have fun.

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