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Metroid Fusion Nonlinear [Dead]
by Phazar
Release date: January 9th, 2009
Forum thread (m2k2)

Author's description:

I guess I should finally make a topic about this, since it is now listed on EP's site. Metroid Fusion Nonlinear was my first hacking attempt. Very little of the game was actually changed, but I added in sequence breaks and some speed tricks that were not in the original game. The idea of the hack was to make Fusion less linear, an idea that started out great, but was proved extremely difficult. If you try to go out of order in this game, BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU SAVE. Getting certain items out of order will not give you the item at all, and will make that item unavailable for the rest of the game. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, SO NO COMPLAINTS!

This hack is currently dead, as I moved on to revive the idea of a different-item-order-MF into a different and much more expansive hack: Metroid Fusion Reverse Boss Order. So keep in mind that this hack is definitely not to be considered complete. I currently have no plans regarding it, but could possibly revive the project in the future if I obtain enough ASM knowledge to do so. Feel free to comment, but do not make suggestions to improve it, why would I improve a dead hack? And yes, I know it sucks.

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