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Quantum Deluxe Boogaloo
by CanOfWorms
Release date: September 19th, 2013
Forum thread

Author's description:

This is a ''quick'' hack I've started working on; it's a door randomizer for Metroid: Zero Mission. Basically, whenever you enter a door, the exit will be randomly chosen. In order to make this not completely impossible, you start off with the following (you get these once you enter a door):
Morph Ball
5 Missiles
1 E-tank
Power Grip
A few game events have also been triggered to avoid being stuck, e.g. the Boss Statue being open. The current version in this post also has a progress-dependent RNG. What this means is, the rooms the RNG picks depend on your current progress:
If you don't have the ice beam, you'll never be sent to Tourian.
Beating Mother Brain is the requirement for Chozodia to appear in the room selection.
In order to access Crateria, you must either collect the Ice Beam, or beat Kraid/Ridley.
This is still in an early beta/alpha stage, and there are a few rooms that will cause infinite loops (the most common is an elevator transition from brinstar/norfair.) These will eventually be ironed out as I figure out more about how doors work in Zero Mission. In the meantime, it should be decently playable, you'll just have to save often or use save states in case you run into an unwinnable situation :p On a related note, feel free to leave any suggestions on how to improve the random generation feature and post about any places you get stuck (preferably include an image of where you are, as well as why you're stuck.)

Known Bugs/Issues:
Kraid's area has weird eventing issues. There's a room with a Missile tank that can be repeatedly collected if you revisit it, and the worm boss can respawn.
Entering the Chozodia Power Suit room incorrectly can cause graphical glitches, enter and exit the pause menu to fix it.
There are a few rooms that cause infinite loops when you enter them, I'm still in the process of documenting them.

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