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by interdpth and raygun
Release date: January 15th, 2015
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Author's description:

So, I saw Interdpth's hack of Zero Mission called Disturbance, and it was unfinished. I found the latest version of it and made changes to it so that it might be considered a new game- although a large majority of the room layout is the same, the map layout is largely changed. Major modifications to the route. I am not sure if Interdpth is okay with this because I kind of just took his partially finished hack and used his program to change it up. I may upload a patch - its fully playable, but I am not sure whether its okay with the original creator.

There are numerous issues with this hack that some may find disagreeable. However, on account of i am a nube and only use DH and have messed something up with the room size or something, DH crashes after I try to save it now, so I am basically done. The Issues that are left with this hack:

1. You can't leave Chozodia and go back to Crateria. Something messed up the glass tube thing and it just doesn't do anything.
2. You get stuck in a spot in Norfair if you go for the wave beam without Speed booster.
3. Door's glitch sometimes, wierd and uncommon but they can be morph balled under or reopened. Youll know what I mean if you see it.
4. The map is useless, and I have no intention of fixing it. I used rooms in different spots, so the map is not helpful at all.
5. Graphical glitch at the beginning. happened to the original hack. pause and unpause in order to fix.
7. you can also fight the chozo guardian with your suit.
8. you may get stuck in Norfair if you do not have Super missiles
9. Ridley fight Balancing issues
You have the gravity suit so you can stand in the lava and shoot him and he can't reach you
10. there is a door in ridley that is effectively a wall.

Despite the issues, if you keep them in mind, the hack isn't too shabby. Some rooms are full of mumbo jumbo but overall its pretty clean. It also incorporates Trunaur68's menu patch.

So I figured i'd just put it up. Here ya go, credit to Trunaur68 and Interdpth for parts of it..

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