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Neon City v1.1
by uNsane
Release date: February 11th, 2008
Last updated: March 11th, 2008
Forum thread (m2k2)

Author's description:

I just (sorta) finished a new MZM suitless hack, entitled Neon City. While it's mostly complete, I'll be making a few changes later on as more is learned about doors and such. Currently, it ends after beating Ridley, but that's only because the elevators are broken and I don't know where the room stuff is in the ROM.

Lotsa thanks to PJBoy for ASM help and interdpth for ZeroFission/Double Helix and trying to get the ugly backdrop out.

Speaking of the ugly backdrop, I highly recommend disabling BG3 while playing by pressing Ctrl+4 (VBA).

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