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Metroid Pro Mission v1.0
by Crys
Beta release date: July 31st, 2007
Release date: April 2nd, 2012
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Author's description:
Metroid Pro Mission! Anyone remembers this?

It was a project I started when MZM hacking was new and had not quite taken off yet. I marketed it as super metroid impossible, but for zero mission. That does not quite do this hack justice, as pro mission is more about silly hard platforming, the path through the game is the same as in a normal run, except you will have to get some upgrades early in order to survive! *coughvariacough*

So why did I decide to finish this shitty project?
Truth be told, I don't fucking know! As some of you may not know, I took a break from Ice Metal 2 after coming to understand that what I wanted it to be was not exactly what the ''fans'' wanted it to be. So instead I took a break and worked on a zelda classic quest known as: I can't draw 8 bit. (Yes, that is the title)

That quest is almost done now, and in the wake of slow beta testing team *glares at eppy* I had some free time. So I decided I might as well finish this project so I could at least say it was done! :3

BUT! I don't expect anyone to believe a zero mission hack out of nowhere, even if interdpth could confirm that he played this piece of garbage on his GBA, so here, have some screenshots.

I highly recommend reading the god damn READ-ME before playing, I know most of you skip this! *Glare* but it does answer some quality questions regarding the spawning in odd coloured acid!

Also, I packed in the old beta version in case anyone wants to give that a spin as well. That one got a few more bugs then the finished version and it only goes up to and the whole kraid area, leaving norfair and anything past unedited.

So yeah, don't go into this hack expecting it to be the best shit ever, it's really not. But it's kinda cool if you want to waste some time on a really hard (in a bad way) zero mission hack! :3

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