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Unnamed Zero Mission Hack
by Jefe962
Release date: April 6th, 2008
Forum thread

Author's description:

I've changed some, but only minorly. The storyline will be the same but there WILL Be a new area, which includes water. It will be the way out of Chozodia...

The door has been moved further down! (this is the route to Mother Brain...)

Behind here is Bombs... Speed Booster and Gravity Suit are required to get it. This means you need to defeat Mother Brain before getting them...

This room is just a jumbled up mess. I was attempting to do some layering stuff, but it didn't really work per se. Will be changed in the next version.

This is part of the sequence break to get bombs before Mother Brain. There is a Chain Shinespark involved. (I haven't completed it yet so with this you can get into Tourian without defeating Kraid and Ridley... xD)

The full map. Yes, it actually will work like this.

Just to note, this is my first hack, ever. First one that actually does stuff properly.

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