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Super Metroid Oblivion
by Gamefreq
Release date: November 29th, 2009
Last updated: ??? ?nd, 200?

Author's description:
This is a pro hack. It requires techniques known only to the true SM experts. It is designed as a test of your skills.

Completed and tested so far: First part of Crateria, Blue + Green + Pink Brinstar, part of Red Brinstar, Ceres, small part of Norfair.

Techniques required: CWJ, IBJ, KagoBall, MockBall, Gravity Jump, Mid-Air Morph + Accurate Bomb Timing.

This hack also will require the reset glitch for 100% completion (Ceres).

This is only a half-hack. In other words, it has a lot in common with the original. There are no new rooms, but you will navigate slightly differently or in a different order than the original.

Known issues: None?

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