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Super Metroid Nightmare v1.13
by JAM
Release date: December 31st, 2010

Author's description:

Last of more harder versions of Super Metroid. Based on Veteran. For experts, TASers, maniacs and doomgods. Difficulty is increased, approx. 16 times more harder that original game. This is nuts... This is crazy. This is true insanity! Overall difficulty is close to Doom's Nightmare more (that's why this name), but still passable.

Now you'll need to collect at least half ammo of each type just to open door of this type and go further! Because of that, the course should be altered to gain more ammo as soon as it ever possible. To fight Mother Brain, you should collect full ammo. When you ran out of Missiles and Super Missiles, use Power Bombs.

As for layout, it have minimal changes (mostly doors) to prevent player from performing sequence breaks. So, it's vanilla, but very hard vanilla with some ASM coding. I'll ever say, it's BDSM ;-)

What you'll get:
Overall world damage *4
Samus attack damage /4

Missiles 50
Super Missiles 10
Power bombs 10

Energy 399
Reserve energy 100

Missile pickup 1
Big energy pickup 5
Small energy pickup 1

Ceres Ridley Hits 125

Ceres timer 15''00
Zebes timer 75''00

Note that overall damage includes damage of all projectiles, spikes and aggressive environments and samus attack damage includes doors.

Patches used
By Kejardon:
Elbow fix

Self-made patches used:
Safety fuse
More powerful orange doors
Spore Spawn music fix
Diagonal map section fix
Golden Torizo code freezing fix
Reserve tank division
Smart Crystal Flash

Patches are compressed like a neutron star with every single byte change tracked. There are actually minimal layout changes in 4 rooms, door changes in 5 rooms and pointer changes in 5 rooms or so to prevent sequence breaking.

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