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Super Metroid Elite v1.08
by JAM
Release date: December 30th, 2010

Author's description:

This is second of more harder versions of Super Metroid. Based on Veteran. Difficulty is increased, approx. 4 time more harder that original game.

Type B is unready for now.

What you'll get:
Type A AB

Overall world damage *4 *2
Samus attack damage /4 /2

Missiles 230 100
Super Missiles 50 20
Power bombs 50 20

Energy 1499 400
Reserve energy 400 200

Missile pickup 2 2
Big energy pickup 20 10
Small energy pickup 5 2

Ceres Ridley Hits 100 200

Ceres timer 17''50
Zebes timer 90''00

Note that overall damage includes damage of all projectiles, spikes and aggressive environments and samus attack damage includes doors.

Patches used
By Kejardon:
Elbow fix

Self-made patches used:
Safety fuse
More powerfull orange doors
Spore Spawn music fix
Diagonal map section fix
Golden Torizo code freezing fix
Reserve tank division
Smart Crystal Flash

Patches are compressed like a neutron star with every single byte change tracked. There are actually minimal layout changes in 4 rooms, door changes in 5 rooms and pointer changes in 5 rooms or so to prevent sequence breaking.

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