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Hard Mode
by person701
Release date: November 07, 2009

Author's description:
In specifics, this is like hard mode from Metroid Fusion or Zero Mission. It takes some aspects and then some to make the original Super Metroid much more linear and harder. Out of the whole past year I've learned to use SMILE, this is a rather simple hack. I just felt the need to get something out there and here it is.

Enjoy the [possible] torture! ^_^

What's changed:
- Item amounts have changed
Missiles are now +2
Supers are now +1
Powers are now +1
E-Tanks and R-Tanks are now +50

- Samus' attacks do half damage and enemies do double damage

All sequence breaks are taken out (at least I believe so). Mockballing and lower wall jumps are physics changes. Everything else is minor level changes.

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