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Maridia / Norfair v1.2
by Crys
Release date: ????, 200?

Author's description:
This may be totally out-there and absurd, but I always had a big 'what if' in my mind.

What if, when you blow up the glass tunnel to get into the lower parts of Maridia... you somehow cause all the water to come crashing through the door and down the elevator shaft in the next room, flooding Norfair in the process. Then you'd have Norfair filled with water, and Maridia drained but hot-as-hell from all the steam rushing up out of Norfair. This would probably kill everything in each area. Hell, it would probably ruin Samus' day too, as she'd be sucked into Norfair by an unbelievably crushing torrent of water.

So the main thing is maridia is hot, while norfair is flooded. This greatly change the gameplay. You now have to go up and into the WS the way you normally go to maridia. You can't get into WS early the front way (at least as far as I know) as the speed booster is in the flooded norfair.

Honestly I don't know the best item routes and such, but it's a nice way to twist things up... enjoy!

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