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Arena 2
by Jathys
Release date: Jule 15th, 2004

Author's description:
A boss rush.
There are some very annoying graphical glitches in the hack.
Ignore them best you can. Once I find how to avoid them, I will.

The basic idea of Arena is to fight as many bosses in as short a time as possible. I can beat the hack in 20 minutes, if I get all the power-ups. If you get ''all'' the items, you'll finish the game with 73%.

I'd list the items, but some people want a bit of mystery. I will tell you that there are 7 energy tanks, 10 super missiles, 5 power bombs, and 75 missiles . . . Morph and bomb, obviously, but others as well.

As for bosses/mini-bosses . . . There are 7. You need to fight a minimum of 6.

After returning to the landing zone, you may not know how to proceed.
Look below if you truly need a hint. SPOILER BELOW:

In the landing zone, go to the far right.
There's a blue door that simply leads into solid rock.
Look for a morph tunnel slightly over head.

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