Metroid Construction
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Super Metroid Rebuild 4
by Dark099
Beta release date: April 8th, 2009
Release date: May 9th, 2009

Author's description:

Hi everyone,now is 2 week a work on that and think about something that I don't not do in my three other and realise something when I see my brother to play in Super Metroid Redesign

Then I retake the same think and create many new concept that I not do and the others

- The creature have now a new colour that make fun to see
- I see that in Redesign a place that you play in water without the gravity and make the game more longer,I think about and say yes that is great and I did it in Meridia you play longer in water without the gravity suit
- After I think about something that I not do in my other many crazy place that you must do for take missile or perharps a items why not?
- I think about something a new concept, when you see a creature is yellow you can destroy it by spazer only,pink by missile or wave,green by super missile.
- many other thing.......

Is sure everyone got be liked this one with : a new concept that my 3 others.A new look of room,the items is now balanced I mean 4 items in each area except the Meridia 3 items in that area,the ennemy is vulnerable of all, sometime only in one thing don't worry the color help to know what is this? and sometime only with missile or beam,I add in some place a middle crazy thing to do with the speed booster ok not really crazy but something interesting.This time I take my time to build a very beautiful hack never build before.

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