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Super Metroid Rebuild 3
by Dark099
Beta release date: March 11th, 2009
Release date: March 20th, 2009

Author's description:

I think about something,what are you thinking everyone if a do like this:

- this time not to go in norfair after beat kraid and take the varia and after the gravity
no,no,no I tired to take varia 1st and gravity 2nd,I go put the gravity 1st to allow you to go in Meridia and after in last in Norfair to take varia to go on this area

- everyone said that want to exploring the area and not want just take items one by one and go and the end after 3 hour of play and beat the boss and the end,ok I got be removed many items and change all of that the 3rd version got be just exploring in 60%,20% items and 20% Boss

- Once again I got be change life of enemy,the enemy,the room,the number of items,etc...

- Yes again I change the look of the suit

- This one is very important this time I got be try to change the time play not 3 hour only but more than 5 hour to play is got be the half-hack never build before

- And I garanted that everyone got be liked this one very much

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