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-> Download 'Puddin' (unheadered) <-

by Cardweaver
Release date: December 12, 2007

Author's description:
Yep, I've done it again. Pumping these things out like rabbits aren't I? Well, my ideas wouldn't all fit in one hack, so I made some Puddin! In this Puddin, you'll find hidden items, new paths, and the same old bosses, but the same old strategies won't work. (I even edited Kraid's room). Save states will be needed, but not too extensively. The majority of the time I needed them was during boss fights.

Also, this hack requires:
1. Extensive use of the mockball and speedball, as well as some easier techniques such as walljumping and DBJ.
2. Varialess heated rooms, not too many though.
3. Ability to shortcharge(not super short, but smaller than just delaying the dash button) (savestates help)
4. Intuition and Creativity

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