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Super Metroid Rebuild 2
by Dark099
Release date: March 5th, 2009

Author's description:

Yes everyone,now that I know how to use this editor I decided to created a second hack, a change all of the room without exception but if they are a room that unable to touch or so complex to change is sure I don't touch it.The item is not in the same order and again a change ennemy,etc...

I have good new for you.After thinking about that I have change 7 or 8 more room that make the game really longest because I take all room that I not change and I loaded the room in 100%.A mean by that I add block,passage that need the screw attaque,passage with a bomb shot, many room, now no room is empty or fast to go to the other room

I finish my hack and did it in 3h 40 min.Each time I change something the time is better up.My goal is able to go up than 5 hours or more is possible.I work on that

is sure that the road that is not useful is got be now,and the problem is all missile,super missile and power bomb everyone know them all where they are is that why the game is so short,I work on that for change all of that to be one got be know where they are after

I guaranted that the time go up than 4 hour and all items ( missile,super missile,power bomb)is no more in the same place

Good game everyone

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