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Super Metroid Chararin
by What Chara
Release date: September 2nd, 2013

Author's description:

Vanilla skill hack from japanese hacker. Most of items are on their places. Item order is changed. Layout in some rooms -- too. Map is unchanged, but to some parts of the game you can get later. Usual routes were also changed. Bosses and some enemies have more HP.

Skills required to beat the game:
Green gate glitch using;
Blue gate glitch using (same as above, blue gate should be opened by Missile);
Heat run;
Short Charge;
Crystal Flash (to survive).

Skills required to get 100%:
Super Short Charge;
Speed Ball;
Speed Ball after Super Short Charge;
Shinespark, VERY fast running and jumping after it and then -- Super Jump.
Shinespark, running and jumping, Mid-Air Diagonal Super Jump.
Stucking in the wall using Grapple;
Underwater walljumping in tight shaft;

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