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-> Download 'Precision [easy version]' (unheadered) <-

-> Download 'Precision [normal version]' (unheadered) <-

by Bolognab
Release date: September 19, 2008

Author's description:
From what I can remember, there was only one clear goal in mind when creating this (here it comes) half hack: to make the most extensive one there has been thus far. I also tried and succeeded, hopefully, in designing ahack where non-linearity, linearity, and difficulty are pretty balanced. No one room has been untouched. Every item has been repositioned. I've even tried to implement some things I've never encountered in a hack before.

The difficulty isn't as bad as the name suggests. It's not quite as hard as the Cliffhanger HV, nor is it Golden Dawn-easy. It is not necessary to use IBJ, short charge, or DBJ at any point to complete the game. You will, however, need to use the quick charge technique, mid-air morph, some precise walljumping, and shinesparking skizzles. I'm not making any promises on the difficulty of 100%, though. :) In fact, I'll recognize anyone who is able to get more than 90%. Major thanks to DMantra for bughunting and putting up with some pretty bad crashes and bugs.

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