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Super Metroid SM Contest
by SMILEuser96
Release date: September 7th, 2013

Author's description:

This is a really short hack, but that one puzzle (which is actually easy) and especially that one boss should be fun.
Changes, apart from level edits and other obvious things:
Remote Bomb* patch, by me :D
A modified gray door, also by me :D
Missile Station Enhancer, by MoogleEmperor. Used this as a base for... you will see it
Made that one boss quite a bit more challenging than in the original game
Ending time uses minutes/seconds instead of hours/minutes
And a bunch of other minor things I forgot

*These are used by laying bombs, then pressing the *RUN* button while in Morph Ball mode. Spring Ball comes with it.

There's one Energy Tank, Missile pack and Power Bomb pack each and one major item to be found. The E-Tank is the only one you can possibly miss if you have eyesight.

Story for those who just need one:
Someone who looks a lot like Samus in a power suit a lot like Samus' wakes up in a shattered containment box or something. Then it starts roaming around and does stuff

Hints for noobs (you seriously suck if you need these):
-Hold the *RUN* button and then lay bombs after getting Remote bombs. Might be useful.
-The liquid rises only when you damage that thing

Known bugs:
-The statue is missing its leftmost tiles, but they appear on their own. Too much loaded graphics?

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