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Super Metroid Equilibrium
by Quote58
Release date: September 7th, 2013

Author's description:

Story - a monster has escaped captivity on the GFS Horizon and is fucking shit up wreaking havoc, so the GF told samus to go deal with it. Once finished, she is to go back to her ship and leave the rest to the GF.

Changes - custom hud with an item finder in the top left hand corner which lights up if there are items left in the room. Enemy asm edit to both the main boss and the enemy boss. New items include gravity boost, dark visor, and super missile upgrade. Mostly vanilla gfx, with one unfinished custom tileset based off of the fusion sewers and a new background for the maridia tileset.

Things to note - Item finder does not work perfectly in a few rooms. Those rooms are as I recall the large maridia room, the first sewers room, the first room after the boss, and the elevator room (I have a fix for this courtesy of Black Falcon, but I haven't looked into it yet). the lack of backgrounds in some rooms is not actually me being lazy (only partially), I found the black background to work very well in those rooms so I decided to leave it. The ending is well, different. the game ends when you get to the game over screen from ceres exploding. Luckily you have a built in timer on the hud so you can know your time before it ends. The end game only activates once you have all the major items, which really means once you've defeated the monster and looped back around to the ship.

Item count - 75 missiles, speed booster, dark visor, gravity boost, 6 energy tanks, and wave beam

Rooms where the item finder doesn't work item count - maridia big room = 2, elevator room = 1, room after boss = 1, first sewer room = 1

Some people (2 that I know of) have been having strange issues with my hack while the rest are not. I have done plenty of testing on not only zsnes, but also snes9x 1.21 as well as geigers debugger and I have not been able to replicate it. It seems to have something to do with button mapping however I tested the various combinations myself in various situations and nothing came up. I also took the link down if you hadn't noticed. So here's the thing, I'll upload the patch again, and before you download it please read this:

Things to note before playing:

Gravity boost: by holding aim down and jump, you can get a much higher jump akin to the gravity boost from metroid prime 2. There are a few bugs with it, but none that hurt the game, simply a little annoying if you notice.

Dark Visor: While holding item cancel, pressing aim up/aim down switches between combat and dark.

****I strongly suggest using the standard button mapping*****

So if you get the debug issue preventing you from finishing the hack, please report it and make sure to give specific details about the emulator and button mapping. Or try another clean rom.

Other than that, have fun I guess. There are plenty of secret items including a special message if you get the hardest one.

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