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-> Download 'Super Metroid YPR 1.02' (unheadered) <-

Super Metroid YPR
by Yp
Release date: July 7, 2013

Author's description:

(roughly translated)

This is a half hack of Super Metroid
- Use a headerless ROM to patch the hack

- difficulty
Chelmsford Choi
(Clear without killing boss Birdman image other than the first, the middle boss) NBMB possible (?!?The bomb Torizo is the only mandatory boss?!?)

- Required techniques
Wall jump
Short charge (Take a step before holding the run button to Speedboost faster)
Shine Spark

* to submit a request for more advanced techniques when it comes to all the items recovered. (?!?)

- Item recovery
100% + a? (100% is possible, maybe even 101%?)

- a known bug
The map is broken.
Minor bug, does not impede the rest of the game

- Special Thanks
Skirt Box

- Used patches
Message Box v1 by Kejardon
EndgameBTS by squishy_ichigo

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