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Super Metroid Digital Cube
by Cloud13
Release date: October 07, 2012

Author's description:
So it is Digital Cube, widely influenced by movies Cube/Hypercube/Cube Zero
For people who doesn't saw this movies (first is excellent, second less great, and third clearly crap, so I recommand the first) Some people wake up trapped in a giant cube with multiples cubic rooms, with different color and numbers. Some rooms are deadly traps, like acids, spikes, sound pressure, etc...

This hack is based one the same concept : 49 pain-in-arse square rooms. Good Luck to exit !

STORYLINE : Samus participate to a virtual project simulating a trapped cube, involving ability to fight, to orientate and memorize.

Credit (pathes/asm/hex, help, etc.): JAM, for the 2 digits counter patch he mades for Darkholme. Charmander106 for testing and Squishy_Ichigo for endgame fool x-ray patch

Skillset/s: Walljump, mid air morphing, and a good sense of orientation :)

Related bugs :
Percentage is false at the end so ignore it. True 100% is :
- All items, execept for reserve tank
- 5 enregy cells (1+1+1+1+3)
- 5 missiles packs (32+2+2+2+2)
- 5 rockets packs (32+2+2+2+2)
- 5 explosives packs (32+2+2+2+2)
A semi-corrected bug about varia suit. During the change of priority, i made a wrong hex edit so varia doesn't make any shine effect underwater (screw attack, speed boost), but theses items still works.
Sometimes the blue suit appears in red during few frames in heated rooms.

Clues/Rules :
- Each linked rooms together can't be have the same color
- If you use savestates, use it with caution, be sure you're in a SAFE room
- Some important items are sometimes in deadly rooms. Remember, you can avoid a deadly trap if you be equipped with the right item to exit it (example a trapped yellow room will need power bombs)

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