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Super Metroid Advent
by Shadow96
Release date: October 07, 2012

Author's description:
Taking place after her adventures in metroid one, samus is tracking Ridley and the other space pirates that have survived. She follows a space pirate Colony ship to planet ASCII in the hopes of ending the space pirate threat once and for all. What she finds on this planet however, is not what she expected.

Things to know!
-you start with charge beam, morph and bombs.
-this is version 0.32, I'm currently on v.70 or so. As such, there may be a few bugs still in that version, and it has a lot of expansion still on the way.
-No major techniques required, only walljump once or twise

uh, a bunch [have fun with that]

-Approx. 8 hex edits found by various people
-Sadi/kej spinjump patch
-Rakki door speed ups patch
-Sadi beam split asm
-DSO tileset repoint [super useful]
-Beam door hex tweaks courtesy of Black Falcon.

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