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Super Metroid GR2 Halfhack2
by GR2
Release date: January 8, 2013

Author's description:
- Overview
A Super Metroid half-hack 'made on the spur of the moment'

- How to use
Patch over a headerless Super Metroid JU ROM.

- Difficulty
* You should know the original map very well
* You can sequence break in some places
(Several techniques are required but the author does not mention them)

- Different specifications
* No Ceres station
* Certains room connections were changed although it is a half-hack
* Some beams have increased firepower
* Shinesparking doesn't drain energy, it can performed below 29 energy and you can even cancel it anytime by pressing DOWN button
* Gravity Suit doesn't half enemy damage (but it works normally against spikes and other hazardous terrain)
* Space jumping behaves in air like in water (mash JUMP button!!!)
* X-Ray scope range was changed
* Spin jump restart can be achieved by pressing the jump button again in the air

- New Status Bar
Design of the status bar at the top of the screen was changed, you are now able to view the following three types of information in real-time
(1) Play Time
(2) Key Inputs
(3) Charge Beam & Speedbooster gauges To switch between them, press L, R and Item Cancel buttons.
However, display is not updated during certain game sequences (pause screen, item-get message boxes, going down/up an elevator, etc.)

- Known Bugs
Half of screen turns black sometimes. Hardly reproducible (related to special blocks?)

- Special Thanks To
We customized our hack thanks to the following patches which have been published at Metroid Construction
* SadiKejSpinjump (Kejardon & Sadiztyk)
* Beam Specific Shot Blocks (Crashtour99)
* Chain blocks (Black Falcon)
* Scrolling Sky Fix (PJBoy)

- Various inspirations from
* Metroid Super Zeromission
* Super Metroid Cliffhanger
* Super Metroid Impossible
And many others

I would like to thank people who made these patches and hacks.

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