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Super T-Metroid
by kokoakki2
Release date: December 25th, 2005

Author's description:
Translated by Google from catnap222's site with some fixes: Layout: Remodeling the original map. Terrain is changed for very well.
Degree of difficulty: A lot of nasty needles and self-destruction blocks.
Search difficulty: Come and go is greater. Scene to be sent in surprising places also.
Search-degree-of-freedom: To running about in confusion a wide range, but the degree of freedom is little.
The pleasure: Although enjoyable in its own way, still needle and self-destruction block is frustrating.

Hack that has been published in the Christmas of 2005.

Item flow chart has been changed significantly, I have come to search every corner a vast map. Half fairly high degree of perfection as a Hack. However, a lot of needles and self-destruct blocks. You can receive a mysterious damage, with or dropped without any notice. Since it is the unreasonable killed the way, during the play I pretty frustrating. Fortunately savepoint large, or there is no problem if you have to save small beans.
Boss battles are pretty tough. Especially Ridley, it can not win and unless you provide a significant Enetan. I have exhibited the appearance of luck game slightly.

Elecrometer Prime's review:
In a few cases you will be required to wall-jump. Probably nowhere that will have your life on the line, but you will still need to. I seriously hope you can o_o The flow of difficulty is a bit erratic. I tried to make many of the energy tanks in slightly obvious places and didn't make them all to hard to get. Nothing is impossible either. If you are in an area what just seems way to hard to beat, YOU are doing something wrong, or you might be missing something. This is assuming it's seemingly impossible, if it's just really hard then you're probably in the right place at the right time. Ironically, there might be a few places that are easier then they were in the original game. This is because difficulty was never my actual goal.
There are a few places where you might actually get stuck and unable to move-which means resetting the game. These places are few and in-between, and usually your own fault (like between power missile blocks respawning). Trying to spoil as little as possible: don't expect a different fight with mother brain either. Her HP and arena were the only ones that were uneditable, figures XD I am sure everything else will give you more then enough fight though. By the time you get to her she should seem like a joke, but a relaxing fight will be a nice reward for your hard work. Umm... I hope you have a controller hooked up to your PC as well XD

Known Issues: Not entirely happy with the way some areas came out. Because the rom size could not be changed certain rooms had to stay the same, and some couldn't be edited very much given that each and every one came with a preset size limitation. But it's ok, it's different enough. I played through it again just to be sure. Found only a few minor glitches, mostly consisting of a few E tanks disappearing before you reached that area!? Put a big band-aid on the holes, hoping to god fixing them didn't cause other errors. Originally there was only 13 energy tanks, now there is 12. You see what I mean. I could only do so much. But I did play through the game, so the key items were there. A few of them could be acquired and reacquired when you go back into the room (like the gravity suit). This serves no purpose and you can do it as many times as you like, but be prepared for glitches to follow you in your playtime later if you piss the rom off XD I suggest not toying with it. Be aware that the editor I used to hack this game was, in itself, only 20% finished and buggy as hell. You'll find problems, no doubt. Nothing that should effect progress, though.

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