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Super Made In Metroid - Attack Of The Rinkas
by pontarou
Release date: N/A

Author's description:

Explanation :
Shoot rinkas and you'll get the point.
Game Over : Life is 00.
< screen freezes -> save screenshot (if you want)-> START button >
Pick up items and survive!
Difficulty : SAMUS A(hard), B(normal), C(eazy)

Credits :
GameOverBTS.IPS (by squishy_ichigo)
endingtotals.asm (by Sadiztyk Fish)

Test play : snes9x-1.51-rerecording-v6
Textbook :

Thanks : Kejardon, DC, Black Falcon, squishy_ichigo, Sadiztyk Fish, JAM, RaccoonSam, bibinber and others.

If you find a bug or trouble when you playing, tell me please! (in Simple English thx=])

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