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Super Metroid Landing Site Abuse
by Spoo
Release date: N/A

Author's description:
This is my new addition to the category of one room hacks. Thanks to DMantra for his inspiring 'One Room Hack'.
The hack ends - and you win - once you find the X-ray Scope.

This hack is finished. Only major bugs will be fixed at this point. Thanks to everyone who helped me test!

Skills needed:
-mid-air morph or IBJ
-single-wall wall jump or IBJ
-mock ball
-speed mockball
-crouch-jump for extra height
-easy short charge
(let me know if I missed any)

Total items: 19

Other notes:
-The boulders are insta-death (Do not touch! Unless...)
-There are hidden crumbling grapple blocks, but their presence is always hinted at.
-Most items look like other items. This is caused by having too many items in one room.
-You can refill your energy and items at the 'save station' you start at. Enter it just as you would Samus' ship. (It actually is the ship.)

Thanks for playing!

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