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Super Metroid Mindfuck
by Crys
Release date: August 27th, 2008
Forum thread (m2k2)

Author's description:
Oh, Snap!
Guess I can't hold it secret any longer.

Any way. SM mind fuck is more of an example then an hack.
An example on what to NOT do when making hacks.

This hack suffers from a lot of mistakes that noobs make. Don't worry, I am not this crappy at hacking. =P

SM mind fuck includes this (and more):
-having no idea what or where to go.
-One tile wide shoot able/passage with no hint what so ever.
-Tiling errors.
-Shoop dah whoop eye. (I'm not messing with you)
-Epic win fail.
-Massive damage to the weak point.
-Eye hurting pallet.

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