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Criminal Intent
by Obbligato
Release date: August 21, 2008

Author's description:
Well, it's actually the official release, but I've always wondered why people put 'official' in the subject. :-s Since it's my first hack and my first experience with SMILE, I didn't want it to be ambitious. But hell, it's gonna be a (hopefully) nice distraction while we wait for the big hacks. I'd like to think of it as a cross between Gravy, Cliffhanger, and Impossible, but not nearly as hard as the last two. So let me know of any problems with the hack, and enjoy. Oh, it's for Unheadered ROMs.

Skills Needed:
-Lava and Acid Navigation.
-Intermediate Morph Ball Skills.
-Traversing Maridia Gravity-less.
-Wall Jump-to-Morph Ball.
-Fast Reaction Speed (Lava rises faaast...)
-Preparation (Once you're in some places, you're not going anywhere until the boss is dead).

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